Ween Puppets

Ween Puppets st Red Rocks 2018 – Photoshop by Michael Romo

Here’s where I gush about my favorite band, Ween, and show off the puppets I made of each of the band members. Gene Ween (Aaron Freeman) and Dean Ween (Mickey Melchiondo) are the founding members of Ween doing all the music. They were joined by Claude Coleman Jr. on the drums, Dave Dreiwitz on the bass, and Glenn McClelland on the keys. My Dean and Gene Ween puppets made their debut in 2016 at the San Francisco shows where the band saw them and gave us a shout out during the show. Gener says “Puppets” and “That’s amazing!” and “Now it’s all fucked up!” This totally made my night! And someone made a meme from a pic they took the first night the very next day! I have also made a several Boognish puppets, 2 flans, and a yellow worm with teeth.  Needless to say, so much more has come out of this passionate Ween puppet project than I could have ever imagined! Thanks for all the support!

Check out the pics from the first Ween puppet appearance in SF 2016!


Here are the pics from Ween puppets shenanigans in Las Vegas in 2017.


Here are the pics from Ween puppets in Bend, OR and Redmond, WA 2017 where Dave met the Ween puppets!


I finished the other three band members’ puppets in August and September of 2017. Claude got to meet his puppet in Oakland when he toured with Angelo Moore.

Oakland 2017


Then I took all 5 puppets to shows in San Francisco!


And here they are from their last appearance in Dallas for their HalloWeen show in 2017! We were in the Dallas Observer along with lots of other great fans dressing up for the awesome sound!


A collaboration with other ween fans is happening! We have done a photo shoot and plan to create a rock music video with the Ween puppets. Expect more updates soon!

Reunion tour promo pic recreation that we did with the Ween puppets in  2018

For 2018, the Ween puppets are going to Red Rocks in Colorado June 5th and 6th as well as Portland, Oregon in August!