Ween Puppets


Ween Puppets!

Here’s where I gush about my favorite band, Ween, and show off the puppets I made of each of the band members. Gene Ween (Aaron Freeman) and Dean Ween (Mickey Melchiondo) are the founding members of Ween doing all the music. They were joined by Claude Coleman Jr. on the drums, Dave Dreiwitz on the bass, and Glenn McClelland on the keys. My Dean and Gene Ween puppets made their debut in 2016 at the San Francisco shows where the band saw them and gave us a shout out during the show. This totally made my night! Then the Ween puppets shared shenanigans in Las Vegas, Oregon, and Washington in 2017 with fans and band members alike. I finished the other three band members’ puppets in August and September of 2017 then took all 5 puppets to shows in San Francisco and Dallas.